The History Of Bingo, Some Basic Terms And Tips

The History Of Bingo, Some Basic Terms And Tips

In December 1929, a New York toy seller named Edwin Lowe visited the small town of Jacksonville, Georgia. A few miles from town he encountered a country fair. Since he was not in a hurry, he decided to take a closer look at the hustle and bustle.

At a fairground stall, visitors played a variant of the lottery called ‘Beano’ at a horseshoe-shaped table with numbered cards and beans. Edwin Lowe was surprised and at the same time captivated by the enthusiasm with which the people watched the game. Back in New York, Edwin Lowe introduced the original version of bingo, which is now very popular in England and the United States. The name ‘Bingo’, which is known worldwide today, came about when one of the winners mistakenly said “Bingo!” exclaimed.

Of course, online casinos offer many different variations on how to play online bingo. What they all have in common, however, is that you understand the rules immediately and can take part immediately without a complex learning process. It is important to remember that you are getting a good bonus when you play bingo online.

Many people believe that bingo is a game for old grandpas and grandmas. I cannot share that view. When playing bingo, I quickly found that this simple casino game is very engaging and exciting.

Bingo – how do I start?

In order to be able to play online bingo, you first have to choose one from the multitude of different internet bingo halls. In most online casino bingo halls you can play video slots, blackjack, poker or even roulette in a smaller window next to your bingo session. The range of side games varies depending on the bingo software. As a first-time depositor, you should also compare the different first deposit bonus offers.

Once you have made up your mind, the next step is to register and purchase the bingo cards, on which mostly 80 numbers are shown in a square. To do this, transfer money to your newly created bingo account. When buying the cards, you should pay attention to the latest offers of packages. These card packages are sold at lower prices.

Bingo – the important settings

Auto-Daub – the most important feature in online bingo. The computer marks the numbers on the card for the player. This avoids possible mistakes, but makes the bingo game a little less exciting. As a little extra, you can choose the color and appearance of your auto-daub, for example red hearts, blue soccer balls or something similar.

Choose a caller – In many bingo halls you can choose between different people who will call for you in the game. In addition, the player can choose or switch off the background music.

Time Jackpot – A large jackpot is offered every hour on numerous bingo sites. You have to do a bingo before a certain number in order to win the jackpot.

Automatic sorting of bingo cards – If you have bought different cards for a game, it is not always possible to see all cards clearly on the screen. With the automatic sorting you can have the cards shown first that are closest to the bingo.

Tips for offline and online bingo

When you have ticked all the numbers on your card, you can of course shout ‘Bingo’ out loud. In your joy, however, you shouldn’t forget to press the mostly red bingo button. Otherwise the joy could be short-lived.

Some bingo halls adjust the prices of the cards to the number of players, so pay attention to how many players are online. The more players the lower the price. It is also sensible to purchase several cards or packages for the Time Jackpot.

Bingo is not a fast-paced game but offers you the opportunity, provided you are no longer a beginner, to play so-called ‘side games’ in smaller windows, typically poker, blackjack or video slots. The offer of these online games is different depending on the bingo hall.

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